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Rainbow Pom Pom Dog Collar Necklace

Rainbow Pom Pom Dog Collar Necklace

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This Rainbow Pom Pom Dog Collar Necklace is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your pet's look.

Handmade in Cornwall using wool, it features bright, beautiful Pom Poms in shades of green, yellow, orange, purple, blue and pink.

Why not add a charm to your collar to make it completely personalised to you pet:

Choose from one of our sizes below AND ALSO add your pets neck measurements into comments box at checkout. Please add an additional 2cm to measurements, Pom Pom collars are not supposed to be tight to the neck. 

The ideal accessory for any pet!

Our sizing guide

X Small - 20cm to 25cm

Small - 26cm to 30cm

Medium - 31cm to 35cm

Large - 36cm to 40cm

X Large - 41cm to 45cm

XX Large - 46cm +

Measuring your pet

When measuring your pet, measure where a collar would normally sit (all of our measurements are in centre meters "cm") and allow an extra 2/3cm in measurement so that the collar does not sit too tightly on your pets neck.

For longer haired pets you may want to add on an additional 4cm so that the Pom Poms are visible and not lost in the fur. 

Help with measuring your pet

We are more than happy to help you work out the measurements for your pet. If you would like our assistance please contact us via email or our online chat.

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